Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So far, I've been meeting some spectacular people here, both within my program and while vising other parts of the UK. It's been motivational in many respects and I believe has been helping me map out really what to do after college. The first example, and possibly the most influential, is meeting Diego in Edinburgh, Scotland. Diego is originally from Columbia but getting a master's degree in England. Although he technically took English classes while in Columbia, the quality was lacking and ended up teaching himself how to speak the language by watching American movies with subtitles etc. He is now fluent. Not only was he able to team himself another language, he was constantly encouraged to attend university outside of Columbia as a tool to expand his opportunities (this is true of his whole family). He has a sister studying engineering in Holland and another sibling working in Mexico City. I wonder why most Americans are never encouraged to seek education through other means (usually). Beyond educational boundaries, he also experiences things I've never thought about due to being Colombian. Massive stereotypes exist in terms of being tyrants or terrorists. In fact, U.S. border patrol tried to deport Deigo to Mexico because he appeared to be Hispanic when in reality he's Colombian (he had a legal tourist visa to be in the U.S.). Never have I worried about being turned away from a location or business due to my origin. In fact, although some communities have anti-American feelings, I have yet to, as an individual, face the repercussions of those feelings abroad.

I'll finish this update later when I have more time.


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